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Welcome! This is ME; Bracken Cherry, with my beautiful mate Nina Joy. Together we have lived in the Sedona, Arizona area for over 20 years. We have home birthed and home schooled and successfully raised 3 amazing daughters; Now Joy, Star Joy and Iam Joy, whom I consider are my most valued accomplishments. THE DEAL IS, I have been using Computers for the last 40 years in most everything I do and now I am offering my expert talents & abilities to serve you. To help you succeed in whatever endeavor you choose. I also have massive amounts of life experience creating and building many businesses from the ground floor and I have gained immense knowledge & wisdom through trial, as well as some failure, to know what works and clearly what doesn’t. 


What To Do First...

To get to know me and see my Talents, Abilities and Expertise please;  Do These Things Now...

  1. Email me at [email protected] with your phone number and the best time to call, for a free Discovery Call to see if we can work together on your Projects.
  2. Read this entire page on How I Can Best Serve You.
  3. Join The Deal - Bracken's Consulting for Free, to get on the inside of;  "The Deal".
  4. Explore the Entire Website (which I created in 45 hours).
  5. Explore Ultimate Life University Website (which I created over last year with over 500 hours of time) you will find it to be a Cutting Edge Professional $50,000 Plus Website that we will be launching it this first quarter of 2017.
  6. Purchase the Two Hour Consultation and we will set an appointment (phone or in person) to discuss your Project, Dreams, Visions, Desires and how my consulting and/or work can best serve you, for your Success.

What I Can Do For You...

I can help make anything you want to accomplish Easier, Faster, More Professional, Extremely Successful, OnLine or Offline, in Business or in Life! This is what "The Deal" - Bracken's Consulting is All About. Helping others Achieve their Goals. This is what I Love to do in Life.

We can work together in a combination of ways…

If you are a "Do It Yourself Person”, like me, yet you just aren’t sure which way to go, no problem. With much experience, I am confident I can steer you in the most profitable direction; what to go for and what to avoid doing, at all cost. Give you the support and advise, for the easiest, fastest, best way to accomplish the outcomes you want.

If you have a team, I can consult with the entire team and assist them on completing projects under budget and ahead of schedule, with your best results achieved.

I can do the actual work for you, all at the same hourly rate. Tracking the Time down to the Minute, with accurate detail of all the work accomplished. 

I can and will be at your beck and call. Always there for you, in most cases instantly.

My Areas of Expertise..

In Business OnLine:

  1. Website Design, Website Creation and Implementation. (Examples are inside, ‘The Deal’ Website)
  2. Internet Marketing and Training.
  3. Social Media Marketing. (Examples of Fan Page Creations, inside,’The Deal’ Website)
  4. Email Marketing.
  5. Shopping Cart Integration. (Examples of Cart Creations, inside, ‘The Deal’ Website)
  6. Internet Advertising.
  7. Traffic Creation.
  8. Market Analization.
  9. Project Cordination and Implementation.
  10. Video Production (Filming, Editing, Post Production) Pricing will vary, depending on the Project.

 In Business OffLine:

  1. Business Consulting.
  2. Project Design.
  3. Project Implementation.

In Life and Family:

In 65 years of living life I have become very successful at learning and living the areas below. Life is suppose to be Fun! I will share what has/is working for me Super Great in my Life. I know I can help you do the same. Give you the tools to transform your thinking and therefore your living… life to the fullest:

  1. How to be Happy, Peaceful & Loving almost all of the Time. (Nobody’s Perfect, Me or You)
  2. How to get along with your Mate, Children, Family and People in General.
  3. How to have the birth of your children at home, full of Joy and Happiness.
  4. How to discover Truth.

The Offers - Bracken's Blocks of Time...

I offer my time in blocks of time to Consult and Work for You, as follows.
All of my Time is billed at $100.00 per hour or higher, depending on the Project Work.

  1. The Deal-Bracken's Consulting - FREE 30 Minute Discovery Consultation Phone Call to see if we are a match and can work together. Must set an appointment for the phone call.
  2. Two Hour Consultation Paid Initial Consulting Session to plan out the Project and Work. $250.00 Required before we begin on your Project. If we don't Plan to Succeed, We are Planning to Fail.
  3. 10 Hour Block of Time $1,000.00
  4. 25 Hour Block of Time $2,500.00
  5. 50 Hour Block of Time $5,000.00
  6. 100 Hour Block of Time $10,000.00
  7. Time is paid for in advance. 
  8. Refunds are totally at my discretion. Refunds for Time not used depends upon the situation. I might have to fire you as my client, which I would then refund the balance on account. I am super easy to get along with and I please all of my clients or I will choose not to work with them. Your Satisfaction is Assured!
  9. I only have 30 hours a week that I am willing to work for others, so my time usually gets booked very rapidly. I have my own projects online that I am constantly working on. I do have some time in 2017 to work for you, but I suggest you book it reasonably fast so that I have some for you. No hard sell to anyone, I require that we are a good match to Co-Create on any Project. Must be a WIN - WIN.

Time is the most valueble thing in Life!

We won't waste Yours or Mine!

Together Let's Make Our Lives Great and Greater in 2017.

Looking forward to meeting and working with you...

To me it's all about Positive Co-Creative Relationships.

No Refunds, See Terms Click Here.


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