Manifesting Peace of Mind Course

Manifesting Peace of Mind Course will help you become more aware of the greater part of you. The all knowing part of you. By just listening to the sounds and repeating in your mind, the words... you will instantly begin to feel your vibration raise, you will effortlessly feel a greater connection with the all loving part of your Being, the Divine Magnificent Expression of who you truly are!

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1 - Manifesting Peace of Mind Introduction - 2:40 Minutes

Learn to have Peace of Mind in your mind, heart and body, all the Time.
Watch the Video above with earphones at least once.
Listen to the Introduction with earphones at least 3 times.

Lesson 2 - Manifesting Peace of Mind 30 Minute Meditation - 30:04 Minutes

Peace of Mind can truly be yours now.
Listen to the Meditation with earphones at least 7 times.

Lesson 3 - Manifesting Peace of Mind E-Book

Read the Manifesting Peace of Mind E-Book at least 3 times.

Access to the Entire Course.
Ability to Download All of the Lesson Files.
Audio's, PDF's and any training materials.

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